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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rainy Days

Her mid-long light brown hair blew past her face, revealing her cheeks, flushed pink from thinking, as the wind from the window next to her breezed in. Her auburn eyes, brighter than it had been since then sparkled. Resting her head on her left hand, she tapped the pen in her right hand to her mouth.

Angel stared out the paper laid out in front of her with her pen poised to write with a grim expression. She was suppose to be writing something for a class, but she as usual, was summarizing everything that has happen to her. It's been such a roller-coaster ride.

It has been 3 months since she finally got it into her head that Yin didn't love her. And that was in the middle of the school year, and now, it's about the end of her first year. She felt so incredibly stupid for believing that he would reciprocate her feelings. But hey, a girl can dream right? Although she definitely wouldn't want to dream about him anytime soon.

And now, she wasn't sure about a certain different guy. As the image of a certain redhead with purple eyes came into her mind she sighed, then dropped the pen on top of the paper. Her thoughts echoed around in her head, clashing and creating a din of noise mentally, before she finally slammed her hands on the desk in desperation, standing up. She needed to get out of her room.

She gave herself a look-over in the nearby mirror positioned near her bed, then whipped back to her desk indecisively before turned her laptop on from its sleeping stage. She checked the weather before changing from stay-in wear, to outerwear. As she changed, she also put her laptop back to sleep; then tied on a pair of dark blue converses. Her white tang top glowed from under the short-sleeve navy blue hoodie in her semi-dark room, since it was only lighted by the window. Grabbing her Ipod, whom she named "Silver" for its color; she plugged in the white earphones into her ears, slipping the mp3 into the right pocket of her denim shorts after picking the play list "Current Fav". She looked around the room for the other necessary articles she needed, spotting her ID card hidden behind her laptop, cell phone on her wardrobe, and the key to her room in the blankets on her bed. Slipping them into the pockets of what she was wearing, she cheerfully hummed with the song she heard playing, and left the room.

It looked like a beautiful day out.

20 min later...

She spoke too soon.

Angel sighed in dismay, hiding under a tree. She was having such a nice walk by herself, not noticing the dark clouds approach, since she quickly dismissed them as not dangerous. And after seeing everything flash white in front of her for a second, she realized she was caught in a thunderstorm outside.

She had walked a bit farther then she bargained, and she wasn't nearby anywhere providing more shelter then where she was right now. Stupid weather website, totally lied about it being a sunny day. She leaned against the tree, quietly thanking it for being there at her moment of trouble. A loud snap of thunder broke and Angel cringed, suffocating a yelp. She whipped out her cell phone as the rain poured, falling from the dark clouds and hitting the dirt and ground around her with a splash.

She sent a text to her closest friend, Maggie, in hopes that her friend could save her from the rain. She waited for a reply and cringed more as the clouds rumbled. Her phone went off, and she opened it in hopes of it being Maggie replying. She was so surprised at who the sender was that she looked the screen closer several was a text from him.

Him...was she dreaming? She stared still a bit taken aback and then clicked to open and read the text.

"Hey, are you okay from the thunder?" Her lips curved into a smile, at the joy of him remembering from one of their conversations that she was scared of rain, before her fingers moved across the keyboard of her phone typing back the response "In a way I suppose. Just caught out in the rain because I was taking a walk outside."

Within the minute she sent it, she immediately got a response, "Where are you?"

She told him where she was, and then within a quick while, she saw a figure similar to his appear on the path. She blinked from her crouched withdrawn position she had settled into after hearing more thunder and then realized it was him. She realized that he ran to reach her from his attire; his hood was over his head but his face had still gotten wet. The front bangs of his dark red hair stuck down due to getting wet, his purple orbs squinting through the rain, jeans a dark blue, summing it up, he looked quite soaked. In his hand was an black umbrella, unwrapped. As he reached where she was from under the tree panting from the run, he handed the unwrapped umbrella to her.

She stared at his wet form in shock and then at the umbrella. Worry sprung through her.

"You IDIOT! You didn't have to run to come get me!" She scolded and she got up from her crouched position. With her left hand she took the unwrapped umbrella, and then with the other, she used her hand to wipe the rain away from his face. They both froze at the contact of the skin but it was broken once there was the loud clapping of thunder.

She quickly withdrew the hand and hugged the umbrella, feeling her cheeks grow hot. She mumbled a sorry before peeking to stare at him. He had put his hands across his chest cupping each elbow in the opposite hand with his mouth in a nervous pout. He used his right hand to wipe the remaining raindrops off his face, flicking the wet tip of the bangs of his red hair in the process. His purple eyes flickered around, as through they were trying not to land on her. He looked like he was trying to keep his cool, at not being surprised by her action, but he actually was.

"Erhm...yeah, so want to head back?" He asked breaking the silence. She nodded and as he turned around to walk out into the rain from under the protective branches of the tree, she grabbed the back of his left shoulder jacket and pulled him back. He turned back with a questioning face before she said, "You're walking with me under the umbrella."

He smiled sensing a argument about to start and shook his head claiming it was fine, since he was already wet, what damage can the rain do to him. They argued for a good several minutes before another thunderclap interrupted her and she flinched. He sighed as he finally consented to walk with her under the umbrella. He opened the umbrella and she stepped with him from under the tree into the rain, to the cover of the black umbrella. As another thunderclap rumbled she grabbed onto his arm in fright.

He took in her shivering form before telling her to hold the umbrella for a moment, which she did. He took off his jacket, revealing a black T-shirt while she looked around her at the pouring rain and then put it around her. Angel astounded at what he just did opened her mouth to complain that he'll be cold, but he stopped her by saying, "Just wear it. You look cold."

He retrieved holding the umbrella and grabbed her hand and resumed walking. His jacket was pretty warm from the inside, and it reached up to a bit over her mid-thigh. As it rained harder, Angel smiled, as he looked ahead on the path they were walking.

Rainy days didn't seem that bad anymore.

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