Everyone Needs a Place to Get Away

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Car Keys

“Angel? ANGEL! Hello? Am I talking to a rock?” A slightly tanned hand waved in front of Angel, and then switched to a snap of the fingers, startling her out of her stupor. Angel was surprised to the point that she fell out of her seat she had been sitting in and landed on the ground with a thud. Angel rubbed her sore area before looking up to seeing who it was that wanted her attention.

“Geez Ethan, why’d you do that?” Angel complained as ‘Ethan’ reached his hand out so she could get up from the ground which she took. Her best guy friend Ethan sighed. He had spent about ten minutes just to get her attention even saying “I’m gay” to try to get a reaction out of her which hadn’t worked obviously. His last resort was to get a handful of water from the water fountain nearby and splash it on her, but he didn’t get the opportunity to try it yet, and she doesn’t need to know that.

“Hmm…I wonder. Maybe it’s because I have been trying to get your attention for the past ten minutes while you started daydreaming about lover boy.” Ethan grumbled as he sat down on the bench Angel had been sitting on. Angel who had been brushing off the back of her shorts, flushed pink before stuttering out, “I…I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

“You know exactly what I’m talking about.” Ethan replied firmly as he scrolled through his net book that he had just whipped out. Angel let out a sigh before collapsing next to Ethan on the bench, silently admitting he was right. Summer had started and she was back…home.

A certain redhead popped into her mind the past days since she had left school for summer, as well as right now. But she was trying not to think about him! She whipped her auburn hair back and forth before stopping. Her brown eyes looked up towards the blue sky. She was wearing a white T-shirt that complimented her light skin also sporting the words in black script “Back off if you don’t got business with me”, and a pair of bold blue shorts along with a pair of brown flip flops. The sun hit her profile, illuminating her skin to shine a pearl white. Her thoughts started to stray again and while she was thinking, she slightly turned her head and looked over at Ethan who was intently looking through his net book.

“Fob...” She whispered softly as possible with a crinkle of a smile, but of course, he heard. He always did have such excellent hearing. His head jerked up, his black hair whipped up and she found her eyes face to face with his brown orbs. The sun gleamed through the trees overhead them, catching some bits of his hair, making it shine light brown. He pointed his right index finger over his entire body before asking, “How am I fobby?” Ethan had on an American Eagle white hoodie, navy blue jeans, and some sneakers. On his left hand held the net book, his cell phone and wallet in his right pocket, and then in his left pocket some cash and…

Angel grinned as she leaned over Ethan, her right hand landing near his left side on the bench, and shifted to the position in that she was practically sitting on him. Ethan taken aback noticed how she was a bit TOO close for his comfort. He was just about to let her know that when she suddenly giggled and got up saying, “You just are to me!” before running towards the direction of his car waving something small, shiny, and strikingly familiar with her left hand. Ethan startled at her abrupt actions, looked in the pocket where his car keys just were and got up then chased after her.

“Hey! Angel! Give me back my car keys! ANGEL!” Ethan yelled as she just opened the door to the driver’s seat to his aqua colored Honda Accord EX-L. She grinned childishly before announcing in a singsong tone as she settled into the driver’s seat, “You either, get to sit in your car BUT in the passenger’s seat or just sit here in the park abandoned, your choice.” He panted from the run, before resignedly agreeing with conditions he set himself, “Okay you can drive, but ONLY TO THAT BLOCK!”

She gave him her ultimate puppy eyes look as well as adding his trademark “Awwww” that she used nowadays, but to no avail did he agree. He loved his car too much to leave it in her care for too long. She finally gave in to his stubbornness with a sigh and started the car once Ethan got in.

“You got your driver’s license right?” Ethan questioned as she put her hands on the wheel after fastening the seat belt. She smirked.

“Course I did, last summer with only one mistake.” She whipped out her driver’s license and stuck it in the sunglasses case in located in the middle of the car in the top front and then dropped her cell phone on his lap to hold. And with a press of the gas pedal, she started to drive to the block that she compromised before she veered a right turn, signaling of course.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Where did we say you were supposed to drive to just now?” Ethan exclaimed as his hand grabbed the door armrest on his right and held the net book to his chest along with her cell phone.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Angel replied innocently, with the most angelic clueless face complete with a smile.

“Man…you’re going to be the death of me. Just don’t damage the car…or get us into any car accidents…” Ethan sighed as he knew he didn’t really have anything to blackmail her with. The cell phone would be quite useless because he knew she’ll merely grin and say “Go for it” since she wanted a new phone. Well…there was the lover boy business, but then that might land them in exactly what he didn’t want to go into.

“No won’t do.” Angel agreed as she took her right hand of the wheel and switched on the radio just as it started to play Taeyang’s Wedding Dress.

“Everything will be ok. I promise…well for now.” She grinned and started to hum with the song and then as her right hand took control of the wheel, she quickly pressed the button to her left to open the car windows. A breeze drifted in from both windows and flowed out the other, ruffling both of their hairs; Angel’s whisking it to the left and right as well as floating up and down, Ethan’s as if it was blowing on grass, making it burnish the same light brown it was at the park they were just as.

A bead of sweat dripped from Ethan’s right side of his face despite the cool breeze. He wiped it off before grasping his hands together and prayed silently, ‘Please please PLEASE let us get through this, and I’ll never…I swear… NEVER…let her get my car keys ever again…”